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Startups are exciting, the possibilities are limitless, and so much fun - when it works. But, starting up is hard, lonely and scary - especially for the founders who have to do it all themselves.

We started PaddleLift to help such daring entrepreneurs & make this process of launching the startup slightly less daunting. We are a bunch of recruitment nerds, who have built over 15 startups team in the last 2 years - and in the process have perfected the art of building the these team from scratch like- Founding members.

With best-in-class sourcers our focus is to onboard immediate joiners that’s why we take almost 50% lesser time to hire the team or find Leadership team to build your dream product. A month in "startup time" is a year in normal time :) Imagine what you can achieve with this extra time.

We believe that only startups have the potential to tackle all large problems facing us & our vision is to make starting up easier for the daring entrepreneurs. We would do this through a combination of consulting, services and products.


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