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Recruitment Journey During Covid 20-21

2020 was tough for everyone. The staffing industry, like most other sectors, was severely impacted. The pandemic and its repercussions devastated some talent acquisition teams and we were on of them. As there were huge salary cuts and layoffs happening, we decided to start paddleLift which can cater the most demanded product industry at the lockdown period like- E-Learning, E-Commerce & internet.

With our clients adopting virtual recruiting technologies, it was taking lesser time to select and onboard candidates. We took this opportunity to add new skills, adapt as needed and show our value to our clients the result of which

  • We helped more than 500 candidates (laid off or huge salary cuts) to get a job with a better package in Q2 2020.
  • We helped our early stage startup clients to grow their work force from 0-30 and so on from Q1-Q2 2020.
  • We cracked a lot of Leadership role with our clients like- VP- Product/ Engineering/ Marketing/ Finance in Q3 2020.
  • By Q4 were having an employee strength of 12.

About PaddleLift

PaddleLift was founded in 2020, and has been helping with upscaling start-ups and software product companies. We are on a journey to simplify everything in the hiring process. We are here to get to the root of every challenge for excellence and innovation in tech and product hire.